Baby Picture Ideas

By definition, a baby is an extremely young child. In images, as in life, a baby can be so different from when it is born until she is walking but all the while still be a baby. There are so many different baby photo ideas and ways of capturing all these different stages. Let’s talk about some of them.

The first stage of a baby’s life is when they are newborn, so newborn picture ideas is where we’ll start. Newborn photography is done when the baby is only 5 -10 days old, it can be done a little later but you might not be able to get all of those curled up sleepy images. Pinterest is one of my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to sourcing images and so is Google. You’ll find so many different styles of baby photo ideas that you will probably have to narrow down your final selection to suit your style.

My favorite style for newborns is classic, simple and modern. I try and focus my images on the baby only without the distractions of props and fancy settings. I want the images to appear as timeless in 30 years as they do today. I want images that will work in any room of your house and will stand the test of time even when your babies have all grown up and left home.

A white and bright image of a swaddled baby on a white bean bag

The unique thing about newborn babies is that they are still so flexible and can be curled up from being in the womb. Look for newborn photography ideas that capture the curled up aspect of your baby. They could be simple images of the baby curled up and naked or contained with the aid of a wrap.

a black and white image of a newborn baby boy lying on a white blanket with a white wrap

Newborns do not have much muscle control and they stretch with funny little awkward movements, arms and legs going in different directions, fingers sticky out at odd angles.  Capturing these moments in photographs makes for some wonderful baby photography ideas.

newborn baby girl with her arm raised like Super Girl
black and white image of a newborn baby's legs and a onesie

The size difference between the parents hands and a new baby is always the source for many fantastic newborn pictures. It is great to get the parent with the largest hands either holding all of the baby or just their large hand and the tiny little hand (or feet) of the infant.

a black and white image of a newborn baby boy being held in his dad's hands against a black background

Capture some of the little details that will disappear in a matter of days or weeks. The soft, thin hair called lanugo that can remain on baby’s  shoulders.  The tiny little white bumps that appear on their noses. The razor sharp little finger nails that seem impossibly long for such a small body. The little, stubby toes, unblemished other than the little blood test mark from the hospital. Anything that will change is worth capturing and cherishing.

a close up color image of a newborn baby's hands

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