Is there someone you know who is having a baby and you'd like to give them a gift of baby portraits? A gift certificate is the perfect way to show you love them. Or maybe it's you that would like a maternity or newborn portrait  session and you're trying to work out how to pay for it, then a gift registry for your baby shower might be the right choice for you.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great to give to someone that who's planning on having maternity photos or newborn portraits.

I offer two kinds of gift certificates. There is the physical card that comes in a little box, perfect for giving something tangible that the recipient can unwrap. Unwrapping presents is so much fun! The boxed gift certificate can be delivered either to you or the lucky person.

If you're like me and sometimes leave things to the last minute, an electronic gift certificate might be quicker option. You make the purchase and enter the email address of the recipient, press the button and magic, your gift has arrived before the event is over.

Gift Registry

So you're having a baby? Yay! We probably don't know each other well enough for me to come over and help you plan for the baby's arrival but I can help in other ways. How about a gift registry?

There are definitely things that you will need for the new baby when it arrives, which is why people have baby showers, it gives everyone a chance to be part of that village to help with the new baby. Wouldn't it be nice to include some portraits that will last a lifetime as a gift for your child?

Create a registry and share the link with the invitation to your event, and if you time it right, you can always send a photo from your session as a thank you note.

*I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer on your gift giving generosity but please make sure that your gift is enough to cover my services or that it is something your friend was planning on purchasing and any contribution would be welcome. Session fees start at $299. Nothing worse than getting a gift that you can't afford to use.*

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