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Being a new parent can come with so many questions and many of us don't have family living nearby to be of immediate help. We are so fortunate in many ways to have resources such as the internet to access to so much information. I have listed some below but first and foremost I have listed some of the local mommy groups. Local parent groups can give you access to resources right in your neighborhood from the important things like their favorite pediatricians to the frivolous.

Sometimes it helps to have places to go when you have questions. Check out these websites that offer resources for common parenting concerns.

Facebook Groups

There are so many Facebook groups and parent groups in the city. Search for something in your area that way you'll have access to information that is likely a stroller walk away from where you live. For example there is NYC Moms - Upper East Side,  Upper West Side Mamas and there is Hudson River Park Mamas for those who live downtown. This article from Red Tricycle lists some other options in NYC and surrounding areas.

For Parents of Multiples

Twice as many questions? I'd definitely recommend joining a twins or multiples group. Not only will you get advice from others who have gone through the same thing as you, they also have swap events where you might get some deals on second hand items.


Healthy Children

Sponsored by the American Academy for Pediatrics, this website offers a variety of resources for parents on topics like child development, health, and safety.


Kid Source

This website is divided into categories by age and provides articles and resources related to health and education.


The National Parenting Center

Looking for advice from experts? The National Parenting Center website offers advice from psychologists, doctors, and other experts on every stage of child development.


Parenting 24/7

This website is run by the University of Illinois and was designed to contain information on every aspect of parenting. Check out articles, advice, and even a wide range of videos on parenting challenges and strategies.


Family Education

Here you can find general parenting information and strategies, as well as family activities and games to play with your child.


Your Child: Parenting Guides & Resources

This resource from the University of Michigan Health System website provides information on topics related to behavior, safety, health, and development.

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