Maternity Photoshoot

Why You Should Take Maternity Photos

As a photographer I truly feel that every mom-to-be should have maternity portraits taken, but I'm sure you guessed I would say that. As a mother I can honestly say that in the scheme of things, that time when I was pregnant was so short lived and such a unique time in my life that I wish I had more images to remember it with. I had an image in mind and asked my husband to take it for me. There I was, standing naked in front of our bedroom windows, while my husband fiddled and adjusted his camera settings. By the time he took the picture I was pretty grumpy, but at least I have that one image and it is also probably seared in our neighbors minds as well if they were looking. I always thought I'd have more than one child and figured we could get some more then, but that didn't happen.

7 reasons why you should take maternity photos

a pregnant woman with an open white lacey robe exposing her pregnant belly.
pregnant woman wearing lingerie

When To Take Maternity Photos

When to take your maternity portraits is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. I suggest in the 30-34 week range but a lot will depend on your pregnancy. If your bump is large or you are carrying multiples, you might like to do your session a bit earlier. If you have a small bump waiting until the 34 week mark might work for you. The ideal shape of your belly is when it is nicely rounded, if you wait until closer to your due date your belly will start to take on a more pointed shape as well as dropping a bit. I'd suggest booking when you're about 22 weeks. Booking earlier will also give you a chance to look for any special outfits you might need.

When to take maternity photos

Planning, Re-scheduling and Due Date Information

Planning your maternity session as early as 16 weeks gives you plenty of time to look for any cute outfits you'd like to wear for your session and to decide if you'd like a hair and make up artist. You will have a lot of things on the go as your pregnancy progresses so it is nice to have some things crossed of your list. No worries if you are looking into this at the last minute, I often have some openings in my schedule and I might be able to accommodate you. Just give me a call or contact me through the contact form at any time.

At the same time as booking your maternity session, you can also reserve a time for your newborn session, usually scheduled for 10 days after your due date, which will be confirmed once you baby arrives. I only book a limited amount of newborns per month and this will ensure that you are on the calendar.

If you have scheduled a maternity session and you go into labor early, you can always apply your maternity session fee towards your newborn session.


a shirtless pregnant woman covering her breasts with her arms and wearing jeans
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What to Expect for a Maternity Session

Booking a maternity session with a professional photographer is going to be a completely different experience than going to a department store photographer or maybe even your wedding photography.

Each session is customized for each client taking into consideration their preferences, the size of their family and what they would like to do with the images at the end of their session.

Your maternity session from start to finish

a pregnant woman with red fabric flowing out behind her

Tips for Cute Maternity Pictures

Pregnancy is such an incredible and special time in your life, whether it’s your first child or your fifth. A maternity session is the perfect opportunity to capture the unique beauty of your pregnancy as you prepare to bring your child into the world.

Every woman wants stunning maternity photos—images that highlight your natural beauty and the way you glow. But how do you get the photos you want?

Think about whether you'd like an outdoor session or a studio session and choose your photographer based on whether they offer that style. If you live in the middle of a city it can be hard to have a session that incorporates both. I personally love studio images and that is what I offer.

Your clothing choices can also make a big difference to how your images will look. Plan your wardrobe carefully, use your photographer's options (I have multiple outfits you may use as well as different flowing fabrics) or you can rent clothing from Rent the Runway.

Maternity Shoot Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can do your maternity images. Looking at different photographer's websites will give you a huge range of ideas and a choice of photographers. Living in NYC is going to make it a bit harder to get those images out in a field of flowers so there are definitely some practical aspects to what you will be able to do. I focus on studio portraits.

5 creative and beautiful maternity photo shoot ideas

a toddler kissing her mother's pregnant belly
A pregnant brunette with highlights, wearing a red velvet gown with a tulle insert and red rose accent.

Maternity Pictures

I love to shoot images in studio, that way we can create a variety of different looks during your session. Most women choose to do some with clothes, some partial nudes or with flowing fabrics and about half choose to add some complete nudes. It is your choice as to whether you include your partner in your images or not, there is no right or wrong answer, it is whatever works for you and your family. If you already have children it is wonderful to include them in the session as well, you can always have them leave with your partner after we have done the images with them so that you can relax and enjoy the rest of the time on your own.

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