Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot

I love to treat my newborn babies all the same during their session. They get the same poses, wraps and backgrounds. Sometimes parents request adding a little detail such as a headband for the girls or maybe something little to indicate the baby’s gender but more often than not, it is the simple beauty of this new little human that is the star of the show.

Black and white images of a naked baby boy asleep on a white blanket

Newborn baby boy’s photoshoots are only different if the baby is going to be circumcised. If the process takes place in a hospital right after birth there is no problem scheduling your newborns photoshoot since the wound will have healed before the 5-10 window  If the circumcision is to take place as part of a bris, it would be best to schedule the newborn boy’s photoshoot before the ceremony or wait until five days after the bris if you’d like to do some nude images.

an asian baby boy being cradled in his father's hands against a black background

It is possible to photograph the baby wearing a diaper with the protective pad covering the wound, the diaper can be concealed using wraps.

an asian baby boy on a white blanket with a white swaddle

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