When to take maternity photos?

The question of ‘when should I do maternity photos’ is one of my most common questions.There is no perfect answer for this other than to give you a range and for you to find something that works best for you. Don’t you hate answers like that? You are different from every woman and telling you one specific answer might not be appropriate for all situations.

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The range I like to give my first time moms of singletons, is around 30 to 34 weeks. By the 30 week mark, your belly should be nicely rounded with a lovely shape. If you wait until after the 35 week, your belly might feel heavier, it will be a bit harder for you to get around into a variety of different positions and also to do all those lightning fast wardrobe changes (alright, I’m exaggerating a bit).

If you’re expecting multiples, I suggest around the 28 week mark. Your doctor will let you know if your pregnancy is progressing as planned, just keep in mind that multiples can arrive a little earlier.

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The time of year can affect how you feel and look during the end of your pregnancy. If the weather is warm, your ankles and hands might swell up a bit more and even though I have pretty good retouching skills, sausage fingers are always a challenge. Swelling of the hands and feet can take place any time of year due to water retension but is more likely to show up. If you think that is happening to you, schedule your session as soon as possible.

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Some women show later than others which can be genetics, your uterus tilting backwards, very strong abs or just that you were large to start with. If any of these sounds like you, you might want to wait until the later part of the time frame. You’ll see how your body is changing and you can decide when to do maternity  photos that best suits you.

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What if you have missed the date range of when to take maternity pictures? Don’t worry, you can still take pictures up until the end if you feel that you are up to it. Your belly will be bigger and might have more of a pointy shape than round, but that’s all part of the natural process.  I had one mom who started having contractions during our session, she didn’t tell me until after since she didn’t want me to worry and she wanted to finish our session :0

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